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Webdesign bureau Stuurlui heeft veel ervaring met het maken van WordPress webdesigns

We are Stuurlui. A fullservice WordPress agency in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Our team is a crew of 21 experienced developers, online marketeers, project managers and designers. We are small enough to ensure a flexible, customer oriented, way of working and large enough to have a specialist in every line of work. At the moment we are helping over 350 clients to design, build, host, maintain and optimize their website. Curious what we could do for you? Please contact us.

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The base for every website should be a solid wireframe and an advised design. Together with you our designers, developers and online marketeers discuss the goals and target audience for your website. We suggest, draw, revise and present as long as it takes to create the perfect WordPress webdesign.



At Stuurlui we build tailor made websites with WordPress software. This means that you get all the flexibility and agile way of working that comes with WordPress but because of our experience always in a professional, attractive and distinctive website made for your specific firm.



Looking for fast and reliable WordPress hosting? We offer several kinds of hosting to our clients. Basic hosting for the more basic websites and premium hosting for the large corporate websites that you rely on for your sales and for which speed and security are even more important.



Keeping your WordPress website up to date and safe can be a bit of a hassle. We offer a maintenance package that includes controlled updates; daily backups; customized security and our very own WordPress helpdesk. We do all the work, you get to relax.



Looking for a better return on your website/marketing investment? More visitors, contact requests and sales? We can help. Our experienced online marketeers and conversion specialists help you optimize your website. You will rank higher in Google, attract and retain more visitors and your sales will increase.



Everyone wants a fast, high traffic website that sells, but how can you achieve this? How do you make sure all the different elements of your website (text, design, functionalities, hosting, etcetera) are lined up in such a way that they help you achieve your goals? At Stuurlui, we can help you with this.

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Why Stuurlui

  • One point of contact for all questions in the field of WordPress and online marketing

  • We maintain 400+ WordPress websites of which we have built 250+ ourselves

  • We are the ideal digital partner for marketers & entrepreneurs

Security and accessibility

At Stuurlui we understand the growing need for web security and web accessibility. When configured right, WordPress offers the perfect platform for both. We have been specialized in both areas for years and have created many safe and accessible websites for our clients such as governments, large multinationals and Dutch A-Brands. We are ISO 27001 certified and use premium solutions for our clients such as Sucuri, iThemes Pro and miniOrange.

Sjoerd Kuipers Founding partner & online marketeer

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